Player news

We are sorry that two players were not listed in the programme for the last concert: Jenny Arthur, 2nd violin and Johanna Sainsbury, 2nd clarinet (in the first half). This was an oversight for which we are sorry. A change not mentioned because it happened after the programme went to print, was the absence of … Continue reading Player news

Changes to upcoming rehearsals

Players: Please note the following changes to our upcoming rehearsals, which are now reflected on our online rehearsal schedule. Friday 25 May: Sectionals at Churcher's College. Woodwind and horns with Mark Biggins; strings with Leo Geyer. Friday 1 June: Rehearsal cancelled (half-term week) Friday 8 June: Rehearsal with soloists

Tonight’s rehearsal cancelled; next week’s extended

Players: Please note the important changes below to the final March concert rehearsals in light of the current weather conditions. Friday 2 March 2018: This rehearsal is CANCELLED due to the severe and uncertain weather conditions. Friday 9 March: This rehearsal has been extended to run 7:15pm to 9:45pm, and will be held at the Avenue Pavilion. … Continue reading Tonight’s rehearsal cancelled; next week’s extended