The Petersfield Orchestra concert on Thursday gave the large audience the opportunity to hear the exceptionally talented 18 year old trumpeter, Lucy Humphris, in two wonderful, contrasting works.

Haydn’s ever popular trumpet concerto is a delightful work with its fanfares, chromatic passages and lyrical melodies. Lucy is an intelligent, accomplished musician. Her performance was exemplary; it was stylish and innately musical. She surmounted the technical difficulties of the work with consummate ease: the pianissimo semiquavers in the cadenza of the first movement were breathtaking. The slow movement was lovingly shaped with a wide dynamic palette, and the finale was a tour de force, yet never aggressive in its brilliance.

Arbon’s Carnival of Venice remains one of the virtuoso showpieces for the trumpet, yet doesn’t reveal its flashy intentions at the outset when it introduces its simple, memorable tune. Each variation becomes more elaborate and difficult….triple tonguing, subtle dynamic nuances and the tune filled with stratospheric semiquavers. Lucy’s performance was breathtaking and totally mesmerising. The prolonged applause at the end was fully deserved.

All Rossini’s operas have a lively, exciting overture and the one to Tancredi is no exception. It opens with an oddly bumptious gesture followed by short phrases for the woodwind which develop into a slow melody underpinned by pizzicato strings. There follows a typical scurrying Rossini tune which explodes into a frantic episode. All these features of the work were accomplished with wit and grace. There were surges of activity, elegant wind solos and neat string playing, all directed by the energetic conductor, Robin Browning.

Beethoven’s 8th symphony – “the little one” – is by no means small, but is the most succinct of symphonies. The orchestra’s performance was full of energy and spontaneity. The outer movements were brisk, buoyant and dramatic. The second movement was winningly sprung with wit, although the repeated woodwind tick-tock semiquavers were a little heavy. This was a joyous account of the work and brought a wonderful evening’s music making to a glorious close.

Ann Pinhey, Petersfield Post, 2014

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